Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

Capture and Keep Their Attention

Attract patients’ attention and inspire them to join your clinical study. Keep them interested and engaged with the expertise of Imperial’s award-winning creative team.

Imperial Wins Gold!

Imperial is honored to take home gold in the 2023 Hermes creative competition for our Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes Study Spotlight piece! The Spotlight highlights Imperial’s branding and materials development process.

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Evidence-based Experience 

Optimize your clinical trial with our evidence-based recommendations. Imperial’s diverse therapeutic knowledge and 25+ years of research patient engagement experience position us to collaborate with you on any indication and with any patient population.



Customized Patient Recruitment and Retention Study Materials

Get engaging print and digital materials, with a fitting look and a unique branding identity to generate research referrals and promote study engagement.

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Broad-Based Digital and Video Production Capabilities

Inform and engage study participants and staff with digital and video materials created based on your unique trial needs.

Targeted Digital Outreach:

  • Study-specific websites (pre-screener/referral tracking available)
  • Digital marketing campaigns (social media, pay-per-click, sponsored search results, and more)
  • Study-specific apps

Video Production (animated or live action):

  • Patient-facing recruitment and retention or training videos
  • Healthcare professional training videos


Community and Advocacy Outreach Programs

Increase clinical trial enrollment and study awareness through partnerships with community advocacy, support groups, and health associations. We’ll identify and coordinate these efforts on behalf of your study.

Increasingly, the advocacy and support network is the first and one of the most trusted places newly-diagnosed individuals contact during their health care journey. It is essential to build a relationship with these groups and make them aware of clinical trials in their focus area.


Participant Study Retention and Compliance Support

Getting patients in the door is only half the battle. Partner with Imperial to retain clinical trial participants and keep them informed and engaged to ensure they stay the course until study completion.

From patient comfort and activity items to a variety of follow-up and communication tools like live call center outreach and text messaging, we help remove the barriers to study participation and treat study patients as the true partner they are in the research process


Holistic Study Tools to Connect With Trial Participants and Sites

  • Clinical trial promotional pieces (print and digital)
  • Educational materials (e.g., Study Visit Procedure Guide or Informed Consent Overview)
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Clinical trial retention tools
  • Physician clinical study referral tools
  • Community outreach and advocacy group engagement
  • Site-directed study tools (e.g., mini protocols, I/E cards, specialized forms)
  • Clinical trial websites
  • Video production
  • Study apps
  • Translation management
  • Patient comfort items
  • Research study branding

Your Patients Are Waiting

Exceed your recruitment goals with our full range of tools.