A La Carte Services

A La Carte or Comprehensive

We can provide complete study management, or you can choose from our specific clinical trial services including study and site materials, ancillary supplies and equipment, clinical translation management, and patient engagement. 

We Target Individual Requirements

Perhaps your team specializes in one or two aspects of trial conduct but would welcome assistance in other areas. We step in where you need us, with unique leadership, distinct expertise, and a dedicated project manager committed to the success of your trial.

Meet Your Study Goals Without the Hassle

Bridge a full set of study management gaps or get bolt-on-specific services from our subject matter experts.

Study and Site Print Materials

Imperial can provide exceptional creative and operational capabilities working in harmony within a single organization. This streamlined approach is one of the reasons we can create, print, fulfill, and distribute more than 50,000 shipments annually into over 100 countries for our clients.

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Clinical Trial Translation Management

Our translation team is vetted, in-country, and has the clinical experience your project requires. Let us translate your materials – we translate into more than 130 languages and dialects.

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Ancillary Trial Supplies and Equipment

We’re far more than a procurement partner; Imperial will manage expiry, technology programming, repackaging, and all related activities to maximize protocol compliance. We’re experienced in partnering with our clients to find the most effective in-country solutions for each study.  And we specialize in getting your supplies and equipment to their destination, including countries that are international red-tape challenges.

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Clinical Trial Patient Engagement

When you need results, you can depend on Imperial to provide you with evidence-based global support services for subject recruitment and retention, based on decades of experience. Our award-winning creative services team has driven results in the patient, caregiver, and medical communities.

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