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Imperial and Sustainability

Imperial and Sustainability

Being an upstanding corporate citizen is an important part of the Imperial culture. Sustainability is an Imperial commitment. We take our social, environmental, and economic roles seriously, and continue to make our sustainability goals a priority.

Our current initiatives include:

Reduced Electricity Consumption
As a manufacturer, our facilities can be large power consumers, so we are looking at ways to actively reduce our use. This includes steps such as upgrading to LED lighting, installing motion sensing lighting, shutting down equipment when not in use, monitoring and adjusting thermostats, and more.

Recycling Programs
While Imperial has programs to recycle the staple items such as paper, aluminum, and plastic, there are additional opportunities. We have engaged with one of our equipment providers, Xerox, to take advantage its recycling program. From our large commercial printing presses down to our desktop printers, we are recycling 500+ pounds of toner cartridges every six weeks. To learn more about this service, click here. We will continue to expand our efforts in this area.

Giving Back to Community
At Imperial we believe that it is important to give back to the communities that support us. On a quarterly basis we engage members of our team with the community through a structured charity or social group. Examples of this include serving meals at soup kitchens, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and making sack lunches for children in need. We support numerous causes, and as part of our DNA, will continue to do so.

These sustainability efforts will have positive effects today and far into the future. A commitment to sustainability makes us more than a better corporate citizen – it makes us a better company.